Hertaus Floors - Kitchen Remodeling

Lakeville, Minnesota 1 comment

It is sad to say that this local business did not meet expectations, especially with the installations.The company's installs were sub par.

It appeared more like a DIY than a professional job. They needed to come a few times to fix mistakes, which, at times, made the job worse.

I finally went elsewhere to get things fixed, which meant I paid double, but it was worth getting away from the horrible business and getting a kitchen that would help me with the resale.I will encourage family and friends to shop elsewhere, which is unfortunate because I always try go out of my way to support small, local businesses.


Rochester, Minnesota, United States #745016

I had Hertaus Floors do a lot of work in my house and not only were they professional and gave me the best deal I could find, the work they did looks absolutely amazing! If you don't mind me asking, what exactly were the mistakes that they made? I am planning on redoing my kitchen and would love to go back to them.

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